Rema Tip Top is the recognized world wide leader in conveyor belt repair materials.
These materials have a proven track record all over the world with all makes and styles of conveyor belting.
We offer a wide range of options from the quick and easy to the permanent.

Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive

Widely recognized as the world’s finest cold vulcanizing cement, the REMA TIP TOP highly versatile and non-flammable SC 2000 is ideal for conveyor belt splicing, repairing and all types of rubber fabrication, above and underground.
When bonding rubber to metal, rubber to rubber or rubber to fabric, SC 2000 provides the highest bonding strength available today.

Excellent initial and final bonding strength (Even at low temperatures)
Optimum adhesion when bonding REMA TIP TOP rubber with CN Bonding Layer
Extremely long shelf life: 4 years under storing conditions in accordance with DIN 7716
Available in Pints, Quarts, Gallons & Drums
SC 2000 is used with UT-R20 Hardener & #13 cleaning solvent



Plastic Cement
The Adhesive for PVC and Polyurethane

The REMA TOP TOP Plastic Cement was specially developed for repairing and cold splicing PVC belts, for bonding PVC to PVC belting, for bonding soft PVC and polyurethane sheeting.

High initial and final bonding strength


Approved for application in underground mining

Extremely long shelf life - 4 years under storing conditions in accordance with DIN 7716

Plastic Cement is used with UT-R20 Hardener & #13 Solvent



REMA Tip Top Readi Fast Metal Primer

This one-component, quick drying metal primer can be used on a wide range of metal surfaces. It provides a high initial bonding strength and help assure a complete and long-lasting bond between rubber and metal.

Excellent adhesion in combination with SC-2000, BC-3000, C-320 or SC-4000

Short drying time

Good resistance against atmospherical influences such as humidity and ozone

Temporary corrosion protection for metal surfaces prior to rubber lining




T-2 Compound Repair System

T-2 Belt Repair Details

Damage repair to top or bottom cover of conveyor belts.
Repairs along joints, seams, gaps, tears gouges or punctures in the wear protection liner.
T-2 Compound cures to a Shore Hardness of 60° .
Finished repair can be put into service immediately.



Hardening Paste, Sealing Paste, A&B Putty
Rema Tip Top Hardening Paste, Sealing Paste and our A&B Putty are all used as a filler
for small rubber cover damages, cracks and joints.

Hardening and Sealing Pastes are to be used with SC2000 Cement.

74 A&B Putty uses a Special Cement BL, which is included with each kit, and is CFC and aromatic free.


Rema Goo Repair System

Typical Applications:
Repair of damage to top or bottom rubber cover of conveyor belts.
Touch up repairs along joints, seams, gaps, tears, gouges or punctures.

100% Solids Polyurethane Formulation.
Cures to approximately 60 Shore A and will not post-harden.
Can be used over belt fasteners.