Flexiskirt Conveyor Sealing System

Flexible skirt seal conforms to the ever-changing belt surface, creating a snug seal that eliminates spillage.

Conventional skirt seals allow material to escape through the gaps caused by belt sag.

The Flexiskirt takes the conveyor's dynamics into account, adapting to seal widening or narrowing gaps.

The weight of the conveyed material helps create a snug seal that eliminates spillage.



Flexibility of rubber provides an optimal seal to control spillage that conventional sealing systems can't handle.

Diverts fines back down into the bulk flow using an optional grooved rubber.

Works on reversing belts and positive pressure systems using a non-grooved rubber.

Designed to reduce wear on the conveyor belt and the seal.

Easily installed.

Can be adjusted by one person and with Modulardesign and standardized parts makerepairs quicker and less expensive.


Gordon At-Last-A-Seal Conveyor Sealing System

Prevents spillage in load areas by creating a "live seal" using the pressure of the material's own weight.
Spillage in load areas is a major problem in most facilities.
The At-Last-A-Seal solves the problem by providing a "live seal" between the belt and the structure.
The seal moves freely on the chute wall, letting itself adjust and needing little or no maintenance.

When the belt is loaded, material presses down on the inside slope of the At-Last-A-Seal, and this pressure creates the seal.
As the belt load decreases and eventually empties, the pressure decreases so as not to wear the seal prematurely.



Conveyor Sealing Systems: Gordon Dust Seal

Used with existing conveyor skirt rubber to create a secondary seal, providing additional protection from leakage of fine material.

Most conventional skirting systems do not seal properly because they wear faster than you can adjust them.

The Gordon Dust Seal is used in conjunction with your existing skirt rubber to form a secondary sealing area.

Wear-resistant EDPM rubber provides excellent resistance to ozone, UV, and weather.

Available in continuous lengths so there are no joints or seams.

Lightweight and easy to install. Simply tie the rope provided at each end, and the Dust Seal is ready for action.

No adjustments needed.